Everything Your Flower Shop Needs is Everything FloraMenu Offers

Point of Sales & Inventory Management

The FloraMenu POS system will keep tight control over your sales and your entire inventory. And even though FloraMenu is a web-based system, you can still use all standard point of sales hardware, such as receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and more. Just install the hardware on your computer.

Email & Text Message your Customers

You can add all your customers, and all their contact information to FloraMenu. And if they choose to receive updates from your business, you can send text message, email and newsletter updates to all your customers. This is the perfect way to announce monthly events, and tell your customers about new specials and deals.

Tools to Manage All Your Employees

All your employees get a FloraMenu account, and you can setup different permissions and access levels for each employee. All of your employees can clock in and clock out and generate timeclocks. And most importantly, every employee activity is logged so you can always see everything that is happening at your business.

Twitter, Facebook & Social Integration

Being social is an important part of any business these days, and now you can integrate your FloraMenu account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This will let you update your social media accounts automatically when you add new menu items, or manually from your FloraMenu dashboard anytime you want.

Downloadable Reports For Your Business

Detailed and accurate reports are one of the most important things you need to keep your business running. FloraMenu has dozens of reports, from daily sales to employee sales to profit loss and even referral reports. You can view all these reports inside your FloraMenu account, or download them to your computer in PDF format.

Your Own Customizable Public Page

Whether you already have a webpage for your business or not, having a public FloraMenu page is a great way for new customers to find you, and current customers to easily find you. Your public page shows your menu, specials, reviews, your business information, and your business map. Your customers can even place orders online for pickup or delivery.

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