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Welcome to FloraMenu

As you probably know FloraMenu is a complete POS, management and marketing system for florists and flower shops. But the FloraMenu blog isn’t just about promoting FloraMenu. We want to keep in touch with you, let you know what the FloraMenu team is doing, updates to the system, and writing about the floral industry.

If you have something that’s on your mind. Something you want to write about, and you think it’s a good fit for the FloraMenu blog, let us know! We would love to look at, and post guest posts on the blog.

Or you you have a suggestion or feedback about the FloraMenu system. Either way, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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1493856715469375825 on 02/06/2012

Welcome to FloraMenu

1493856715469375825 on 02/02/2012