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Use Valentines Day to Increase Mothers Day Sales

It’s quite obviously to people inside and outside the floral industry, that Valentines Day and Mothers day are two of the craziest times of the year. Thankfully, you have 3 months between those dates to recover from some of the craziness! But before the Valentines Day rush is over, there are some very important things you should do to make your Mothers Day successful too.

The first thing you should do is sign up for your FloraMenu account. Now, every time a customer places an order via phone, online or in store, add them as a new customer in FloraMenu. Make sure you collect their email address and phone number!

FloraMenu has built in text messaging and emailing abilities. So after the Valentines Day rush is over, and you have collected all your customer’s information, you can easily contact your customers anytime you want. And that time should be 2 weeks before Mothers Day! Get the word out about specials and deals, and drive last minute shoppers to your flower shop.

Using FloraMenu during this crazy time will not only let you market to your customers in the future, it will make your life a lot easier right now. The FloraMenu point of sales system is so simple, extremely functional and very fast. Keep track of all your orders & deliveries is easy, because everything is on one spot. And you can even let your customers view your inventory and place orders online for delivery and pickup.

That’s why FloraMenu is more than just a way to manage your flower shop. FloraMenu actually helps your business grow by allowing you to contact all your customers easily and instantly.

Click here to signup for your 30 day free FloraMenu trial.

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Use Valentines Day to Increase Mothers Day Sales

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Welcome to FloraMenu

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